This project was built using PHP and MySQL the code is structured in a framework manner, it contains all the features of an e-commerce website.

- The simple user can explore and search products, add to cart functionality, payments with Paypal, and register and login functionalities.

- The admin section where the admin can manage products and categories he can add update and delete items.

How to use :


Extract the zipped files, and import the database into PHPMyAdmin once you have done you can access the project from the URL.

To activate the payment with Paypal you need to have an account then you need to log in as a developer here, once you are logged in you will head to the sandbox accounts section there you have to create a custom account and enter all the information required then choose a buyer and a merchant account which means you will create two accounts and fill the balance field, next you move to apps and credentials section where you create your app and link it to your buyer account once you have done you will see the client id so copy your key and add it in the header file inside the Paypal SDK link you will find a property named client_id = your key.